Travel Videographer Services

Packages can be altered upon request

From Orange County to Oslo, there’s no end to the list of places we’ll travel. Our team and all our equipment are ready to jump on a plane and join you, wherever you are in the world.

As travel video makers, we’re highly skilled with all the talent needed to bring your destination to an international audience.

International Travel Videography

Perhaps you want to record your epic climb up Everest or capture your first vacation as a family with a professional video you can send to all your friends. Let us accompany you to capture all those moments you’ll be talking about for decades to come.

But our professional travel videographers can do so much more.

We can tailor our packages to suit anything. Send us to third world countries to capture on film exactly how your charity is improving the lives of those less fortunate. Or why not hire our highly-skilled team to take drone footage of your tourist attraction, hotel or vacation resort?

We use a wide range of different top-of-the-range videography tech, including a drone, to shoot from all the best angles. Our landscape videography is second to none, bringing vibrant cultures and festivals to life, no matter how wide the horizon.

Inspirational Travel Videos

We’re not just about filming all the great locations you visit. It’s about capturing the atmosphere so that when you watch our videos back you can almost taste the cuisine, smell the fresh ocean air and feel your pulse leap with adrenaline as you watch the moment you jump from the cliff. Sometimes photos just aren’t enough.

For corporate events, anniversary celebrations, even memorials. No matter where you’re heading, take an adventure videographer with you to capture every moment on film.

And don’t forget that we’ll add audio and optional visual effects during the editing process, so the end result is a spell-binding professional travel clip you’ll love.