Moore Productions was hired by Leonor to produce a promo video to represent what her business stands for. Here is a little on Eleven by Leonor.

Nice to meet you!

I´m 38 years old and I love coffee, waking up late and a good mystery novel. I have a loving husband, 2 dogs and a beautiful 8-year-old daughter which is why I got involved in photography. She grew too fast and I figured the best way to stop time and keep so many memories were through my camera lens. I started photographing babies and kids, and it was through photographing pregnancies that I realized that capturing the beauty and strength of women was my real passion.

My mission at Eleven by Leonor is to help women feel beautiful and proud of themselves, no matter their size, age, color or shape.​

My promise to you is to make you feel confident and empowered while reawakening the sexiness in you by means of my photography. You will walk out of my studio with a huge smile, and with this new sense of confidence that only a few things in life can make you feel.