We are Arab and Arabic-speaking Roman Catholics from the lands of the Bible: Israel/Palestine; Jordan; Syria; Lebanon; Egypt; and Iraq. Many of us have migrated to America as a result of the difficult circumstances created by the wars in the Middle East. We worship in the Latin (Roman) Catholic rite.  As Americans, we continue to be in close contact with our roots and support the Christians of the Middle East.

In 1989, the Arab American Catholic Community (AACC) became a recognized ethnic community of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, with St. Joseph parish in Pomona as the place of gathering.

Since then, the following priests of the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem have served our community as full time chaplains in cooperation with the Archdiocese of Los Angeles: Rev. Labib Kobti (along with his associate, Rev. Majdi Syriani), Rev. Hisham Dabain, Rev. George El Far,  Rev. Rick Van De Water, and our present chaplain, Rev. Ala Alamat. A number of visiting priests from the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem have helped our chaplains through the years.

God has blessed us with the opportunity to expand our ministry to the Diocese of San Bernardino. In September, 2012, a mission was established at Holy Name of Jesus parish in Redlands as a recognized ethnic community of the diocese.