About Our Church

The Joshua Center Int’l Church Is a faith based organization, founded April 2012 with our main focus, to introduce Jesus Christ to those that are lost. “Leading a people of promise into the place of promise”

Our Mission

Our goal at The Joshua Center Int’l Church is to expand the kingdom of Jehovah God, delivering the kingdom message, so that the government of God can be established in the earth realm. We are committed to seeing this global vision come to pass. In this ministry souls are our number one priority.

We have a strong desire to lead people to Jesus Christ, so that they may have an intimate relationship with Him. Secondly we desire to disciple and teach individuals how to be sound in God’s Holy word, that they may be established in Him. Thirdly we desire to teach individuals how to allow God’s power to flow through them so that the kingdom rule can be established in the earth realm. Our ministry is focused on equipping the people of God in the things of the Spirit so that God’s kingdom may be established in the earth. We are a international ministry, we believe that God has not just given us a mandate to this Inland Empire Region only, but to the nations of the world.