Music Video Production

Packages can be altered upon request

No music artist becomes popular without music videos. With the most successful artists reaching billions of views worldwide on YouTube, it is easy to see how important creating music videos is for connecting with your fan base.

Music videos come in a variety of styles, some designed to fit the music and some being works of art in their own right. Moore Productions is a popular music videographer, working with the best artists and talent in the Los Angeles music video production scene.

Music Video Production Company

Music videos mirror the artistry of your music. It is with great care that we craft videos that follow the artist’s direction. We shoot in a wide range of locations and make use of the environments to create eye-catching visuals that combine flawlessly with your music. As music videographers, we take time to get to know the artist before starting, to make sure that our videos speak wonders.

We also cover backstage videos and ‘making of’ videos to really give your fans that little bit extra! All of our music videography packages can be adjusted or expanded to cover all your music video dreams.

Los Angeles Music Video Production

Tailor-made to fit your budget, we can work on large scale big budget productions that are luxurious and extravagant, or can work on smaller budget productions to fit a more intimate, indie vibe. We work around what is affordable for you and make sure that the final video is better than you could have imagined. Our music video production rates are negotiable so don’t hesitate to get in contact with your ideas, we are sure you will be impressed with our response.