Moore Productions was the brainchild of Robbie Moore, a talented videographer who brought a team of extraordinary videographers together. With each member of the team being highly skilled and uniquely talented, it was not long before they were at the forefront of the Los Angeles videographer industry. Working on projects that range from big-budget Hollywood blockbusters to intimate wedding videography the team has improved their skills further to become the videography experts they are today. Moore Productions is dedicated to being professional yet affordable and accessible to everyone. They’re always using state-of-the-art equipment to create stunning videos for clients and reach global audiences with their travel videography.

Passion for Videography

The videography industry is incredibly diverse and Moore Productions really enjoys the opportunity to work with such a wide and interesting range of people and businesses. No job is too big, and no job is too small. It is this energy and passion that has seen them take on some of the biggest commercial videography projects in Orange County. Their passions have taken them all over the world, shooting on location for big film enterprises. But their feet are always firmly set on the ground. The focus is on high-quality and affordable videography, making their talents available to all.

About Robbie Moore

Robbie Moore graduated from the California State University Fullerton and began a career in acting, appearing in many household name TV shows. While working as an actor he realized his true calling was to be on the other side of the camera. And so, he set about forming Moore Productions with a team of amazingly skilled videographers. His expertise and passion drove the company forward. In his opinion, there is nothing better than opening up the world to new audiences through the lens of his wonderful travel videography.


At Moore Productions we are always looking for our next challenge, let us know what we can film for you and get in touch with your video ideas.

With flexible packages, affordable prices and unrivaled expertise; what are you waiting for?